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Walk Around Molveno Lake

our excursions
uphill difference in height120 meters
downhill difference in height
120 meters
time needed 2,30 - 3 hours
easy Excursion length: Km 11.
clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on your preference as to the position of the sun.
The hike around Lake Molveno is the classic opening to our weekly program. At all  times this hike offers unique and unforgettable emotions: from Spring to Winter and from morning to evening, the lake, the sky and the wind are in constant evolution changing color and intensity. The vegetation around the lake is very varied. The trail on the south-east runs along the lake shore for about 5 km.
The remainder of the trail runs just above the main road through a beautiful deciduous forest and then down to the western shore of Nembia beach, along a steep, stony shore .The trail then leads through a dense fir forest to the Dos Corno where it is possible to see the fortifications built to stop the advance of the Napoleonic troops. The trail continues through the forest to the Roman Bridge and then to the beautiful grassy beach in the North, at the foot of the village of Molveno.
Immagini del Giro del lago di Molveno
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