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Tovel Lake, Valle di Non

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
Starting location
Albergo Miralago
Height difference
Time needed
1 hour
difficultyeasy, 3,2 Km
Maximum altitude
1188 m.
noteWhite road on the North Bank, trail elsewhere
Lake Tovel, m.1178, is perhaps the best known alpine lake in the Trentino Region. It is located in the homonymous valley in the east of the Brenta Dolomites and it is a lateral valley of the Val di Non.
 Lake Tovel was famous for  the various shades of red of its waters in the 60's.
Although now this atmospheric colour phenomenon  is no longer visible, Lake Tovel has not lost its charm: its pristine clear waters and the wonderful uncontaminated surroundings make it a “must see”. Extensive spruce forests surround it on all sides, its waters reflect the peaks of the Campa, the Grostè chain and northern peaks of the Brenta Group.
It is easily reached from Tuenno by road, arriving at a parking place at a distance of about 400 meters from the lake.
It is the starting point for all excursions in Val Flavona and it is connected to trails, more or less demanding, with Andalo, Molveno, the Grostè Pass and the plateau of Nana.
Absolutely recommended is the easy 1 hr walk around the lake: rich with varied flora and trees. ( only one very small stretch with the aid of a metal rope).
Pictures of scenic Lake Tovel
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