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Lago delle Stellune and Montalon, Catena Lagorai, Trentino

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
starting locationPonte delle Stue, road to Manghen Pass from Molina di Fiemme
difference in height850 meters
time needed4-5 HR, round-trip time
difficultyeasy (14 km)
maximum altitude2198 m.
notesrecommended ring path to .362 .318 318.332 trails
The Lake of Stellune is located in the south-west Lagorai area at an altitude of 2091: the  waters of this beautiful mountain lake reflect the rock faces of Cima delle Buse and Cima Stellune situated northeast of the lake. It can be reached starting from the Manghen Pass road (from the Val di Fiemme). The hike starts at  Ponte Stue along  the forest road number 318, which climbs to the left into the forest to reach first Malga Val Stue Bassa in 2 and a half hours, then to Malga Stue Alta, then to the alpine pastures and Malga Cazzorga (m.1845) and finally to the lake after passing Malga of Stellune.
The lake is located in a grassy area just below the forcella di Val Sorda (m.2256). In the southern sector of the Forcella di Val Sorda is Lake Buse Basse (m.2193). From here, an alternative route to return to Malga Cazzorga is trail 322b: a loop circuit that heads south east along the detrital slopes of Cima delle Buse and passes the Mugon to the Forcella di Montalon (m.2133). Just below is Lake Montalon (m.2089) and the homonymous valley ( trail 362 here leads through the valley to the Carlettini Refuge and then into the Val Vampelle, Valsugana). This hike, however follows trail 362 to the north with return to Malga Cazzorga and from here in about 80 minutes to Ponte Stue.
Pictures of the route to Stellune Lake
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