From Bior bridge to Andalo along the Rio Lambin - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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From Bior bridge to Andalo along the Rio Lambin

Molveno > walking trails at Molveno
uphill height difference
m.230 meters
downhill height differencem.230 meters
time needed2,5 hours
simple path for everyone. Initial stroke in marked up
distance  10 Km,  go and back
The trail starts from the Bior bridge.100 meters after the bridge on the left (in the San Lorenzo direction) take route 605 and after 350 meters this trail takes you through a forest. Continue on this trail until you get to a gravel road on your left. Take this road and  ignore  the deviation on the right. After about 3.5 km along the shady path that coasts the Lambin stream you will reach the first meadows of Andalo. Cross the  Lambin Bridge and  follow the high road to the village of Andalo. Return via the same road up to the bridge over the river where you turn left. This trail bring you to the Genzianella bar (refreshments). Continue straight until you get to the high road. Cross the high road and take the Via Belvedere road which is slightly to your right. This road leads to the “high part” of Molveno along the old high road.
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