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Castles and fortresses in Trentino

The whole of Trentino is dotted with castles. Generally speaking the province can be divided into six main areas which means that several castles can be visited in one go. Along the Adige Valley from the south: Sabbionara d'Avio Castle, Chizzola  d'Ala Castle (ruins), Albano di Mori Castle (ruins), in  Rovereto - Dante Castle (ruins), Noarna Castle (private - book in advance), in  Calliano - Pietra Castle (private - book in advance), Beseno Castle (Municipality of Besenello), in Povo- Gionghi Tower,  in Trento - Palazzo delle Albere Manor House, Verde Tower (not open to the public), Vanga Tower, Tromba Tower, Civic Tower (not open to the public), Castelletto dei Vescovi, Palazzo Pretorio, Buonconsiglio Castle, in San Michele all'Adige - Monreale Castle (private - book in advance), in Mezzocorona - San Gottardo Castle (ruins).Castles in the Fiemme and Fassa Valleys and Primiero area
in Cavalese - Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità, in Pozza di Fassa – Pozza Tower (private – not open to the public), in Tonadico – Pietra Castle, in Fiera di Primiero - Palazzo delle Miniere.
Castles in the Valsugana and Cembra Valleys
in Ivano Fracena – Ivano Castle, in Telve Valsugana - Castellalto (ruins), in Borgo Valsugana – Telvana Castle (private – not open to the public), in Levico - Selva Castle (ruins), in Civezzano -  Telvana Castle, in Fornace – Roccabruna Castle, in Segonzano - Castle (ruins), in Pergine – Pergine Castle (private – partly open to the public). 
Castles in the Upper Garda area and Laghi Valley
in Riva del Garda – Rocca fortress, in Tenno - Castle (private), in Arco – Arco Castle,  in Drena – Drena Castle, Madruzzo Castle  (private – not open to the public), in Sarche – Toblino Castle.
Castles in the Chiese and Giudicarie Valleys
in Bondone di Storo - San Giovanni Castle, in Lodrone - Santa Barbara Castle (ruins), in Pieve di Bono - Romano Castle (ruins), in Campo Lomaso - Campo Castle (private), in Vigo Lomaso – Spine Castle, in Stenico – Stenico Castle 
Castles in the Sole and Non Valleys
In Ossana - San Michele Castle (undergoing restoration), in Caldès - Castle, in Bresimo - Altaguardia Castle (ruins), in Cles – Cles Castle (private – not open to the public), in Coredo - Palazzo Nero, in Taio - Bragher Castle (private – not open to the public), in Vigo di Ton – Thun Castle, in Spormaggiore – Belfort Castle (ruins), in Nanno – Nanno Castle (private – not open to the public),  in Tassullo – Tassullo Castle (private – not open to the public).
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