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Madonna di Campiglio – Molveno Crossing via Bocca di Brenta

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Uphill height difference
605 meters
Downhill height difference
2030 m., 1560 m. if using Pradel lifts
Walking times, excluding pauses
Hrs.7- 8
Difficult. Steep climb after Brentei Refuge. 17.8 Km length (19.5 in case of direct descent toMolveno)
notesDeparture from the mountain station of the cable car of Grostè. Arrival at the intermediate station of Pradel or directly in Molveno
A wonderful excursion which includes a short, demanding stretch up the Val Brenta. The crossing starts from Madonna di Campiglio up to the Grostè Pass by cabin lift, through the heart of the Brenta Group via the Val Brenta and the Val dei Massodi, passing in front of various refuges: Tuckett, Brentei, Pedrotti, Selvata and Croz Altissimo, and down to Molveno.
From Molveno to Mad. Di Campiglio, Passo Campo Carlo Magno by bus, (leaves at 06.40 am.and arrives at c. 9.00 am). Here a 15 min. cabin lift ( 2 trunks) ride to the Grostè Pass, the cross roads to the Brenta routes, and then onto path 316 which leads to the east side of the Corna Rossa and round the edge of the Torrione di Vallesinella and then onto the Tuckett Refuge ( c. 75 min. walk).
From here onto path 328 which crosses the Sella del Fridolin and intersects the Bogani path, nr. 318, which comes up from the Casinei and goes onto the Brentei Refuge, 1 ½ hrs. (2.50 hrs. from the Grostè Pass). Superb location for a breathtaking view onto the Sfulmini Chain and onto the majestically imposing rock walls of the Crozzon di Brenta and Cima Tosa.
The path (318) which leads up the Val Brenta, from the Brentei Refuge,  is steep and winding and passes over the morainic detritus that have slowly replaced the white hanging glaciers. Along the way one can spot the first part of the Bocchette path engraved in the side of the Brenta Alta. As the path leads higher, the rock walls of the Sfulmini and the Campanil Basso become more imposing. A final effort brings to the narrow gorge of the Bocca di Brenta, m. 2552, the highest point of the route.
From the Bocca del Brenta, it’s a 10 min. walk to the Tommaso Pedrotti Refuge, m.2491, (1,10 hr. from Brentei Ref. and 4 hrs from Grostè Pass). From here there are a various number of routes to choose from:a) In less than 3 hours the Palmieri basso or alto ( equipped) path leads to the Agostini Refuge in Val Ambiez; b) paths 320 and 326 lead along the rough Val di Ceda and down to Molveno,(c. 5 hrs);c) path 319, one of the most beautiful and popular routes, crosses the Val Massodi and the Val delle Seghe and then descends to Molveno, (3hrs.). 
Path 319 ( C) is the suggested route. It’s quite a long descent to the Selvata Refuge,( 1,40 hrs.) from the Pedrotti Refuge, ( 5,40 hrs. from the beginning), but it’s well worth the effort. From the Selvata there’s the choice of three routes to reach Molveno:  a) path 332 to the Malga Andalo; b) path 340 to the Croz Altissimo Refuge and then to Pradel and from here down to Molveno by bucket lift (last one at 18.00/ 18.30, depending whether high or low season); c) path 319 straight down to Molveno via the Val delle Seghe.  
Pictures of the crossing of the Brenta Group
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