Lago Marmotte and Lago Careser, Val di Pejo, Gruppo Ortles Cevedale - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Lago Marmotte and Lago Careser, Val di Pejo, Gruppo Ortles Cevedale

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
starting locationMalga Mare,accessible from Pejo
difference in height800 metri
time needed4 - 5 hr, round-trip time
difficultymiddle (11 km)
maximum altitude2704 m.
notesrecommended ring path for 123.104 and 146 paths
Located in the Stelvio National Park, close to the Larcher refuge, in Val di Pejo, the Marmot Lake is 2,704 meters above sea level. Together with the Careser Lakes (2603 m, artificial) and Lake Lungo (2553 m) and the small Lake Nero, it is located in a harsh environment surrounded by: the majestic Vioz, Palon della Mare and Cevedale peaks in the northwest, (the highest in the  Trentino region); the slopes of Cima Marmot, Cima Lago Lungo in the north, and Cima Careser, Cima Campisol, Cima Ponte Vecchio in the east. The lakes are accessible from the Val di Pejo, following the indications for Cogolo and then Malga Mare (m.2031). The hike starts at Malga Mare on trail 123 that winds eastward to Lake Careser: a blue, round body of water nestled between reddish rocks, (1 hr. 45min hike). Trail 123 bypasses the lake in the west and in the immediate vicinity there is the lovely Lake Nero. It then crosses the slopes of Cima Lagolungo in the north (Lake Lungo can be seen below) and then to the junction with trail 104 that leads to the Dorigoni refuge  in Val Saent. This hike, however, follows trail 104 in the opposite direction, that is to say to the left in a northern direction. After passing the junction with trail 146 (allows for a quick return to Malga Mare coasting the Lagolungo) the hike continues west, first to Lake Marmot and after a quarter of an hour to the Larcher Refuge (m.2608). Throughout this hike the views and landscapes are unbelievably beautiful: the perennial glaciers of the Cevedale and Palon della Mare will remain forever in your memory. From the Larcher Refuge trail 102 will bring you back to Malga Mare is in less than two hours.
Careser and Marmotte Lake pictures
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