Ponte Rio Massodi Sant Antonio - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Ponte Rio Massodi Sant Antonio

Molveno > walking trails at Molveno
uphill height difference 
10 meters
Downhill height difference 
10 meters
duration excluding breaks
30 minutes
very easy
distance1800 meters
Starting from the bridge on Rio Massodi, the path enters the Val delle Seghe bordering the river on the orographic right (or on the left up to the little bridge) till to the S. Antonio capital (it was built by the “Mori” family 1897 as a thanks because their old saw mill hadn’t been cancelled by a landslide). The “Molin dei Mori” is worth a visit: on the torrent river, among round stones and high trees in a very beautiful landscape are the ruins of the old saw mill.   The road goes up to Bar Ciclamino. Coming back to the S. Antonio capital you can visit the botanical garden. In it there are the main examples of the typical mountain flora.  The back way is along the S. Antonio path bordering the stream  which moves the recently repaired water saw-mill. On the Via Lungolago is possible to come back to the Rio Massodi Bridge  
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