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Lake Rotondo, Val di Rabbi, Vegaia Tremenesca Group

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
Starting location
Val Valorz, 1246 m.
Height difference
1230 m.
time needed7 hours, round-trip
difficultyeasy, some steep sections
Maximum altitude
2427 m.
notespath 121
Lake Rotondo is located at an altitude of 2427 meters in the Vegaia Tremenesca mountain group. In the south its waters touch the rock faces of Cima Mezzana, in the west it is closed by the slopes of Cima Valletta and in the north: Cima Tremenesca and Mount Polinar. This adventure starts in San Bernardo in Val di Rabbi, a lateral valley of the Val di Sole, western Trentino. Here, by car on the forest road to the car park at Valorz at 1246m. in Val Valorz. The 121 trail  winds up along a steep ridge in front of a beautiful waterfall to Malga Casera (m.1945). 
The trail continues first across  meadows and then over small rocks to Malga al Lago (m.2207). Continuing south a 30 minute hike brings to Lake Rotondo. Trail 121 then leads up to Lake Alto m. 2575, and then to the Valletta Pass. From here it's possible to continue to the junction with trail 123 which leads to Menas, a hamlet of Mezzana, Val di Sole.
Pictures of Lago Rotondo
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