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San Giuliano Lake and Garzonè Lake

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
Starting location
from Caderzone, parking between Pozza delle Vacche and Malga Campo
Height difference
550 meters
time needed4 hours, round-trip (5 hours in case of loop tour)
difficultyeasy (13 Km  round-trip)
Maximum altitude
1955 m. (2180 if loop path)
notesalong forest road and trail 230
The Seniciaga and Germenega valleys are located west of Caderzone, Val Rendena, between Val Genova and Val Borzago. Lake San Giuliano and Lake Garzoné are located between the Germenaga valley  and the mountain ranges of Corno Alto, Spadalone ,La Cingola and La Costaccia at an altitude of 1940 m.  A little further south east, beyond the Bocchetta Dell'Acqua Fredda , is Lake Vacarsa or Campostril. From these blue expanses of water, surrounded by magnificent pine forests, there is an absolutely spectacular 360° view of the mountains in the Val Genova.  The  San Giuliano refuge is close by. The easiest access road is from Caderzone: by car to Diaga (m.1413) or to Pozza delle Vacche (m.1485).
From here a forest road leads to Malga Campo and then trail 230 to Malga San Giuliano and then to the lakes (just under two hours). For the return trip it is possible to make a circular route following trail 221 that leads south to the Bocchetta dell'Acqua Fredda (m.2184) and then descends to the east, past the beautiful Lake Vacarsa or Campostril. From here the descent continues through a dense forest  following the indications for la Pozza delle Vacche.
The lakes of San Giuliano can also be reached from the Val di Genova: just before the Fontanabona Hotel take trail 215 up to Malga Bassa Germenega,here turn left onto trail 244 to Malga Germenega di Mezzo (m.1860).
images of the Lakes of San Giuliano and Garzonè
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