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excursion to Rifugio Agostini, Val Ambiez

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uphill difference in height
740 meters
downhill difference in height740 meters
time needed4 - 4,30 hours
of medium difficulty, some steep uphill stretch to Forcolota of Noghera.
A total of 7.6 Km.
notesUp to  the Rifugio Al Cacciatore San Lorenzo climb and descend in Jeep-taxi.
The climb to the the Agostini Refuge in Val Ambiez is a high-altitude hike, but accessible to people who have a minimum of training and familiarity with mountain trails. The climb, in fact, though simple, presents some rough stretches: steep and slippery, especially when wet. But it's well worth the effort because in return you will be awarded by an absolutely and extraordinarily beautiful landscape.
By car to the village of San Lorenzo, Baesa , Bar Dolomiti, 11.5 Km and from here  a 40 minute jeep ride (about 17 Euros per person, return ticket) to the Al Cacciatore Refuge.
From the refuge up through the Ambiez valley on path 325 (Trail Dallago). The  first section winds through small pines, the second section is more linear and not so steep, the third and last sections are quite steep, but not difficult. After a well-deserved break at the  Agostini Refuge and a visit to the characteristic church, there are two possibilities: a one hour descent through the center of the valley back to the Al Cacciatore Refuge  or, path 320, to Forcolota di Noghera . This trail diagonally crosses the Ambiez Valley and leads to the divide with the Ceda Valley. 
The views from here are indescribable: from  Ghez Peek to the Dos Dalum to Mount Daino and Mount Paganella. The trail leads over gentle slopes and grassy stretches to the junction between paths 320 and 326: here, yet another magnificent view of the mountains that surround the Pedrotti Refuge. The excursion ends here. For the return hike, the left path, shortly after the Forcolota of Noghera, leads steeply down  to the Busa Malgani and Al Cacciatore Refuge. Return to San Lorenzo by jeep.
images of the wonders of Val Ambiez
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