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Ponte Rio Massodi Fortini di Napoleone

Molveno > walking trails at Molveno
uphill height difference
150 meters
downhill height difference
150 meters
duration excluding breaks
about 3 hours
distance5 Km
The walk starts from the bridge over the Massodi river, and follows the val delle seghe on the right hand side of the river up to  the shrine of St. Anthony ( built in 1897 by the Mori family as a  thanksgiving, because their sawmill had not been swept away by a landslide). The remains of the" Mill of the Mori are well worth a visit and are located on the river bank  in a picturesque setting. It's possible to detour here and lengthen the walk up to the Cyclamen refuge . The return walk, follows the S .Antonio trail that runs parallel to the stream that feeds a recently restored water mill. At the roundabout continue on the trail to the Roman Bridge.
On the left, after the bridge follow the indications for " Napoleonic Forts ". The trail leads through the woods and skirts a large lawn with a mountain house and then continues to the top of the Doss corno  where the trenches dug to impede the possible advance of Napoleon's troops can be seen. The trail then follows the path around the lake, and climbs for about a hundred metres to the pass where the trail turns right and after a few meters  right again onto the Bondai forest trail. (the uphill trail leads to the Baita Fortini: restaurant and bar).
After the Ceda stream, (third bend to the left), follow the Bondai trail 326 which flows into the uphill trail from the Croce Marocchi to Malga d' Andalo. A right turn at the junction leads to the Molveno Camping site .
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