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Restaurant price list

the restaurant
Lunch is served from 12.00 to 14.30 on the terrace overlooking the lake with an awesome view of the Dolomites. In case of unfavorable weather, lunch is served in the adjoining dining room. The hotel offers a wide choice of dishes which generally meet the approval of all our guests: generous portions and excellent quality local products.

Appetizers and cold dishes
Cold cuts and cheeses, large plate         €13,00         
Mixed cold cuts, small dish                    € 8,00         
Thinly sliced raw salted beef,                € 10,00
served with rocket, oil and parmesan                                 
Buffalo mozzarella caprese                   € 10,00      
Large mixed salad                              € 10,00
(Mixed vegetables olives, tuna, corn)
Parma ham and melon                       € 10,00
appetizers  based on fish
large plate seafood and fish                 € 18,00
Tepid salad with octopus                    € 8,00
Salmon with dill                                  € 10,00
Carpaccio smoked swordfish                € 8,00
shrimp in pink sauce                           € 8,00
                 First Courses                 €                             
Flour-gnocchi Trentino style with Parmesan        9,00     
Tagliatelle   with truffle sauce                           10,00
tyrolese dumpling with mushrooms and
Casolet cheese                                                9,00     
Spaghetti   with seafood                                   12,00     
Penne with tomato sauce, garlic, red pepper      8,00     
Tagliatelle with salmon and rocket                    10,00     
Spaghetti with meat sauce/ tomato sauce          8,00                
Soup  of the   day                                            8,00                              

grilled beef tartare                                     € 13,00
beef tartare                                               € 18,00
Grilled pork                                               € 10,00
Grilled cheese with grilled vegetables           € 10,00
Mixed salad                                               € 4,00
Polenta with deer stew                               € 17,00
main courses with fish
Grilled   fillet of salmon trout with potatoes   €16,00
gilt-head fillet with thyme and potatoes       €18,00
Grilled   fillet of char  with potatoes               €19,00
A side dish of potatoes included in the price
Fresh fruit salad                                  € 5,00         
Homemade cake                               € 4,50         
Chocolate pudding                              € 3,50
Panna Cotta                                       € 3,50
Créme Caramel                                   € 3,50            
Fresh fruit                                          € 4,00
Bread and cover charge: Euro 1.50 per person.
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