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Covid 19 information

Lago Park Hotel
The Lago Park Hotel in Covid 19 (all these procedures may be subject to change)
The provisions included in the Accomodation Protocol imply the observance of some rules both by the staff and by the guests.
In particular as regards the organization of hotel services:
• The dinner buffet cannot be provided and will be replaced by an appetizer; the vegetables will be brought to the table to those who request it, by selecting the relevant item on the menu of the day.
• The breakfast buffet will not be take away: the staff will serve the guests the desired food and drinks from the counter.
• the tables and chairs in the dining and breakfast rooms will be at least one meter apart. On the same table, members of the same family or guests who will be placed together in the room can take their seats. Guests are requested not to change the position of the chairs and tables without the intervention of the staff.
• When moving through all the common areas of the hotel, guests must wear a mask.
• Hand hygiene dispensers will be placed in the hall and at the entrance of the breakfast room, restaurant and bar.
• When using the common spaces, internal and external, guests must observe the distance of one meter, with the exception of those who make up a family unit or share the same room.
• The use of the shared lift will be possible for family groups or those who share the same room.
• The sunbeds and umbrellas will be spaced according to the rules established by the provincial authorities. Reservations will be made for cots and each guest will be able to book a crib for a period of 4 hours or 8 hours, keeping the same crib for the whole day which will be identified by a number. All equipment, sunbeds and umbrellas will be sanitized after each use. In any case, the use of the bed is allowed only with cover of the same by means of a beach towel (the towels can be rented from us at a cost of € 2 each).
• A maximum of 10 people can enter the swimming pool simultaneously; in the area adjacent to the swimming pool there must be a maximum of one guest per 7 m2, or 22 people.
• 5 umbrellas and 10 sunbeds will be placed on the beach.
• Other sunbeds will be available, always by reservation, in the lawn and in the Spizzoclin Wood.
• There will be no takeaway information in the lobby, such material can be requested at the reception.
• Drinks at the bar will also be possible at the counter provided that the distance of one meter between one guest and the other and between the guests and the bar attendant is observed.
To facilitate check-in practices, guests are invited to send identity documents in advance by email or whatsapp to the number 335711301
• Payments for the stay must be made by the evening before the day of departure.
Local sanitization and equipment reserved for guests
The hotel protocol provides that all common areas, chairs armchairs sofas tables benches, are subject to frequent sanitation.
Where possible, preferential routes will be traced in order to favor the distance of 1 meter along the distances.
The rooms, after each guest change, will be sanitized according to regulations.
Information on measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID-19
In order to protect the health of the people inside the structure and ensure the
health of the environment, we inform you that we have taken some precautionary measures,as required by current regulations.
In implementation of these measures, we inform you that entry is not allowed:
- if it is positive to Covid-19, or is in any case subjected to the measurement of the
- in the event that in the last 14 days you have had contacts with subjects who tested positive at Covid-19 or comes from risk areas according to WHO indications;
- in case of fever (over 37.5 ° C) or other flu symptoms. In the event of the onset of these symptoms after entering the facility, you must promptly inform the company manager, taking care to stay at an adequate distance from the people present, and notify your family doctor and the health authority.
By entering the structure, you undertake to comply with all the provisions of the Authorities and thecompany rules, and in particular to maintain the safety distance, wear a mask when necessary, observe the rules of hand hygiene and maintain correct hygiene behaviors.

Given the situation of COVID SARS, any deposit will be fully refunded if government or regional measures make it impossible to reach the hotel. In case of closure of the hotel during the stay, by decision of the public bodies in charge, only the hotel services actually provided will be charged. For the same reasons, the hotel reserves the right not to proceed with the opening if the general situation should prove to be extremely uncertain or to resort to early closure in the event of unexpected impossibility or economic unsustainability for the provision of services (quarantine by of staff, further limitations in the use of common areas and accommodation, new penalizing provisions in the provision of cleaning services and food administration). In both cases, nothing will be due except the reimbursement of the amount already paid in excess of the services enjoyed
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