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Tour of the Croz Altissimo Lasteri - Pizzo Gallino group.

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Uphill height difference
Downhill height difference
Walking time, excluding pauses
ore 6,30 - 7,30
The height difference make this an exacting tour
notessi parte dalla stazione intermedia degli impianti, località Pradel. Km14,5
A wonderful circular excursion which goes in an anticlockwise direction around the Pizzo Gallino, Lasteri, Croz Altissimo group. Fantastic views over the Val di Non, onto the Paganella and above all onto the Brenta group and over Lake Molveno. The route leads over various terrains, from rocks, to grass, to morainis detritus. The steep climbs up the Lasteri slopes and the long, but breathtakingly fascinating descent  to the Montanara Refuge make this route quite exacting. A bucket lift from Molveno to Pradel and then a chair lift to the Montanara Refuge from where the view extends to the Brenta Group and the Val delle Seghe. Then northwards and a sharp turn eastwards just before the cross paths with the Grotte path. The route continues up on a ski piste and then left ( eastwards) onto a mule track which crosses the ski piste. An easy path leads into the woods and then  onto a glade with a drinking trough ( Albi del monte).
From here, path 352 , from Molveno, leads to Val Biole.
It proceeds in a zig zag climb along a wide gully, crosses over an elevation where it intersects with path 352b, which leads to the top of Croz dell’ Altissimo.
The route now climbs eastwards up the grassy slopes of mount Piz Galin and offers a wide panoramic view over Andalo and the Val di Non.The climb ends on the Coei meadows from where Lake Molveno appears as an intense, blue speck. A few 100 metres further on and the path intersects with path 353 which climbs up from mount Dagnola. The route continues left along this path, up the southern slope of mount Piz Galin, over an elevation covered with swiss pines and into an airy gully which separates mount Piz Galin from mount Dagnola. After a 30 min. exacting climb, the route leads to the Dagnola Pass or the Bocchette del Piz galin, 2140 m. from where the northern chain of the Brenta group, with the Crosara del Fibion in the fore ground, can be admired. 
This is the perfect spot to rest and gather one’s strength before facing the exacting descent towards Malga Spora. It’s sometimes possible to see herds of chamois on the crags situated below. To the left there’s a steep and bumpy path that leads to the top of mount Piz Galin, 2442 m., ( 1 hr). Path 353, instead, proceeds eastwards along the steep and slippery northern slope of mount Piz Galin, it crosses a rocky crag and then leads into the thick vegetation which indicates the beginning of Campo Spora. 
After a short flattish stretch, the path finally arrives at the Pian della Spora and the homonymous Malga, 1851 m. (about 3 hrs from the start of the route). This place is reminiscent of a peaceful, pleasant oasis of meadows surrounded by harsh, rough peaks and rocks. The route continues in a south western direction towards the northern side of the Cima Lasteri. A 50 min. climb over gravelly slopes brings to the Clamer Pass: only a few excursions can boast so many radical landscape changes as this one. The most beautiful peaks of the Brenta Group are all here to be admired and they seem near enough to touch. From the Clamer Pass it’s possible to descend directly to the Croz Altissimo Refuge and then to Molveno along path 344. ( at the start there are some exposed stretches over slippery rocks). The original route, instead, climbs up to the flat top of Croz Altissimo via path 344b. A 40 min. climb brings to the high meadows from where, in 10 min., with due care, the path climbs to the southern top where there is a huge iron cross. The rock walls are precipitous and Lake Molveno seems close enough to dive into. 
The long descent to the Montanara Refuge starts with quite a steep stretch. The path then passes over the ridges of a few rocky peaks which gradually descend into the thick woods that dominate from the north the Pian di Tovre, where the Montanara refuge and the chair lift from Molveno are situated. Total walking time: 6/7 hours excluding pauses.

Images of the hike around Croz Altissimo, Cima Lasteri, Piz Galin
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