Rifugio Malga Andalo, Molveno - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Rifugio Malga Andalo, Molveno

Dolomiti di Brenta
location Pian dei Casinati
number of beds36
tel., fax
proprietà Comune di Andalo
open (indicative period. For more detailed  information call the refuge)
early June - 20 september
A small refuge which stands on the slopes on Monte Daino above Lake Molveno facing the Pradel tableland. It is accessible along path 332 which climbs up from the camp site at Molveno or along the Donini route, which has fixed rope supports and which also starts from Molveno near the Ciclamino Bar. A forestry road, closed to motor vehicles, goes up to the refuge from the Baita Fortini Alpine hut through the Bondai wood and along the Ceda Valley. The Malga Andalo Refuge is linked to the Selvata and Pedrotti refuges by the Donini route, which has fixed rope supports in the short stretch which crosses the rock spur of the Dos dei Casinati Peak. A path leads to the west to the ruins of the Malga Ceda Bassa; from here, climbing up the Ceda Valley you come to the Ceda Pass and to the Forcolotta di Noghera pass: fork for the Agostini Refuge in the Ambiez Valley or for the Pedrotti Refuge.
Rifugio Malga Andalo: the access routes
areanumber of traildifference in heighttime neededdifficulty   notes
Molveno Camping332m.5251,30facile
classic, steep path
Molveno, parcheggio località Ischia
ssnm.5201,40EE, escursionisti esperti
Donini path starts from locality Pontesel after Baita Ciclamino
Molveno, Ponte Romanossnm.5251,30strada forestle
from Roman Bridge you go to Dos Horn and then right along the forest of Bondai
the beautiful surroundings of Rifugio Malga Andalo
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