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walk through the Piz Galin and Palon of Tovre

Molveno > walking trails at Molveno
uphill height difference
580 meters
downhill height difference
580 meters
time needed4 hours
fairly simple path except for a short section of the path of Gradeccia
distanceKm 5,5, go and back
Take the cable way to  Pradel and then walk up the ski slope till you reach Malga Tovre, m.1461. 20 meters passed the Malga, turn right onto the highest of the two mule trails that runs north east to the Albi Mont stream. From here take path 352 which leads up through a wide canyon and then to the junction with path 344b. Follow the indications for “ Croz Altissimo”  through lush green meadows and sparse forests until you intersect path 352b from the east. This stretch of land, in the flowering season: mid-June to the end of July, is home to so many different varieties of flowers that many call it "the flower trail". Continue to follow the indications for the Croz Altissimo and at an altitude of 1965, near the Chamois Pass, you'll reach the path that climbs up from Gradeccia and merges into path 344b. Here, turn left along a bumpy path that runs between large boulders and mountain pines, it then gradually smooths out into  a nice downhill stretch, (some parts are slightly exposed,) along the  Gradeccia ridge which leads to Palon Tovre, m.1811 ( awesome views of Lake Molveno and Pradel). From Palon Tovre a tranquil walk through the woods leads to the Montanara Refuge and then from here, the descent along the ski slope and.... voilà Pradel.
Immagini della escursione Tra Il Piz Galin e il Palon di Tovre
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