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Uphill height difference
Downhill height difference
m.1500, (500 m. with arrival and departure from Andalo)
maximum altitudem.2125, Cima Paganella.
tempo di percorrenza escluse le pauseore 5 -5,30 (3,30-4 with arrival and departure from Andalo)
Easy apart from the long but quite easy descent to Molveno
noteDa Andalo salita con Cabinovia e seggiovia sino a Cima Paganella, eventuale ritorco con la cabinovia. Da Molveno ad Andalo con Autobus.
a breathtakingly beautiful excursion along the back bone of the Paganella Gazza massif facing the majestic peaks of the Dolomites with an amazing view over the Valle d’Adige, the Valle dei Laghi , the Basso Sarca plain right down to Lake Garda.
From Molveno by bus to Andalo and from here by cabin lift ( 2 sections) to the top of the Paganella, m.2125. From the Roda bar and refuge path 602 leads southwards across the Prà Grande onto Passo Sant’ Antonio, m. 1900, ( about 30 min walk). Here path 602 intersects path 606 which comes up from Mount Terlago.
After a short descent, path 602 winds through swiss pines and up to the south side of the slopes of Cima Canfedin ( m. 2034) ,passing next to Doss Negro and then descending to the San Giacomo Pass at m. 1959, ( 1,30 hrs from the Roda Bar).
The route follows a donkey track which coasts Mount Gazza, passes through the beautiful basin of the Malga Covelo, m. 1824 not far from the “Bait del Germano” bar, restaurant. From here a short walk onto the San Giovanni Pass, m. 1674 ( 2,30 hrs from the Roda bar). The route proceeds across vast meadows and stretches of Swiss pines. It’s not rare to see deers, hares, marmots and other local fauna, m.1824. From the San Giovanni Pass south towards the easy to reach, panoramic  top of Mount Ranzo, m.1836 ( a 40 min walk). Back to the San Giovanni Pass and then down to Molveno on path 644, known as the march path. This path has breathtaking views over Lake Molveno and forts which date back to the Napoleonic period. The descent takes about 2 hours and the difference in height is 850 m. Alternative return paths to Molveno are paths 612 and 643-605. Total walking time: 5, 30 hours.

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