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Molveno, the sport activities

At Molveno the opportunities to practice your favourite sport in the open surrounded by an enchanted scenery are endless: soccer fields, tennis courts, Olympic pool, bowls, skateboarding , biking, volleyball, basketball, practice climbing wall,  paragliding, mini-golf, as well as water sports like swimming, rowing, canoeing, surfing, sailing, fishing .
Molveno is a popular destination for bike lovers. There is a vast range of routes for all levels: simple paths along the lake or streams suitable for children. For the more daring, there are many breathtaking  routes that lead to Andalo or towards San Lorenzo and Lake Toblino Castle. The numerous dirt roads that lead up to mount Paganella  and the Brenta Group are also a favorite of mountain bikers. Exciting new paths for  downhillers have recently been prepared on mount Paganella with breathtaking descents to Fai.
 A “comfortable” takeoff platform in Tovre, (reachable by chairlift) and an equally " peaceful " landing spot on the lawn near the lake shore, are two more reasons to engage in the practice of paragliding or experience a double flight with professional pilots.
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