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Malga Spora, bivouac and bar, Campa Group

Dolomiti di Brenta
locationPiana della Spora
number of bedssolo bivacco e ristoro
tel, fax
proprietà Comune di Spormaggiore
open (indicative period. For more detailed  information call the refuge)
30 june - 5 september
This is a malga or shepherd’s hut which has been converted into a bivouac and bar in the summer period. It occupies a wonderful site on a plain at the foot of the Altissimo Gallino Group and the Crosara del Fibion peak. It is roughly half-way along path 301 which links the Graffer Refuge to Andalo. Across the Clamer Pass it is linked to the Croz Altissimo Refuge and from the Lasteri Pass and the Dagnola Pass you can get to the Altopiano di Pradel tableland and Molveno. To the east, along the Cavai Valley and the Sella di Montoz saddle you come to the grazing land and the shepherds’ huts of the Campa Group and to Lake Tóvel.
Malga Spora: the access routes
areanumber of traildifference in heighttime needed difficulty notes
Andalo, Maso Pegorar301m.8093,0medium, difficulty
itinerary to the Sella del Fridolin
Molveno, località Cros
352, 353, 301m.12154,00easyPer la Bocchetta del Gallino
Spormaggiore302, 301m.12864,45easy
Route that goes from the left bank of the creek Sporeggio.
The beautiful surroundings of Malga Spora
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