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Rifugio Agostini Val Ambiez

Dolomiti di Brenta
locationVal Ambiez
number of beds60
tel., fax
open  (indicative       period. For more detailed  information call the refuge)
20 June - 20 september
The Agostini Refuge is at the higher end of the Ambiez Valley, a short distance from the Ambiez hanging glacier. This is the southernmost refuge in the Brenta Dolomites. It offers magnificent views over the Giudicarie Valley and its Bondone, Stivo and Baldo peaks as well as over Monte Gazza opposite. It is reached by following path 325 which climbs up through the Ambiez Valley. A jeep offers a taxi service as far as the Al Cacciatore Refuge below. Other routes leave from Molveno, Seo-Stenico and San Lorenzo through the Doré Valley or over the Forcella Bregain Col or through the Jon Valley or past Masi di Dengolo: although delightful, these are all fairly tiring routes and should perhaps be avoided by those hoping to reach the Agostini Refuge without too much effort. The easiest high altitude refuge to get to from the Agostini is the Pedrotti following the Palmieri path. In addition the Dodici Apostoli, Brentei, Alpenrose, Malga Andalo, Ghedina and, of course, Al Cacciatore refuges are all linked directly to the Agostini Refuge along unusual routes used by few people.
Access trails to the Agostini Refuge
areasnumber of pathdifference       in height
time between areasdifficultynotes
Bar Dolomiti Loc Baesa325m.15504,25E, easy
path along the Ambiez        Valley
Bar Dolomiti Loc Baesa
342, 325m.15504,45E, easy
Path        to Masi di Dengolo
Molveno, Camping326,320m.16305,45EE, difficult
      along the Ceda Valley and  Forcolota di Noghera

The wonders of the Val Ambiez
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