The Grostè Pass to Andalo crossing via the Gaiarda Pass - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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The Grostè Pass to Andalo crossing via the Gaiarda Pass

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Uphill height difference
350 meters
Downhill height difference
1370 meters
Walking time, excluding pauses
5-6 hours
Easy,only a short part is exposed. Length of the path, Km 12,7
notesDeparture from the mountain station of the cable car of Grostè. Arrival at the intermediatestation of Pradel
A “not to miss” excursion from Madonna di Campiglio to Andalo, Molveno along path 301. The excursion passes over the Grostè massif along campo Flavon to then cross over the Gaiarda Pass and the Crosara del Fibion. From here across the Pian della Spora and into the subgroup of the Campa, a south eastern section of the Brenta Dolomites. From the Spora, the path descends the Val Sporeggio to the Selva Piana and then Andalo. Alternatively path 301 coasts mount Dagnola and brings to Maso Pegorar,Andalo.
This excursion is organized by the Adamello Brenta nature park. At 7.05 am. the bus leaves from Molveno and arrives at Passo Campo Carlo Magno two hours later. From here a cabin lift ( 2 sections) to the Stoppani Refuge which is close by to the Grostè Pass. This is where this unforgettable excursion begins. At first path 301 heads east south east along the rocky slopes between the Grostedi and the Crosette.
After a 30 min. walk, near the Turrion Sella, the path arrives at a fork with path 314 which goes south west to the Bocca Vallazza, the Val Perse and then  Molveno. North eastwards, the path leads to the Val Flavona Alta and Lake Tovel. Path 301 leads through the Turrion Basso and the Turrion Alto and then onto Campo Flavona to where path 371 begins and leads toMalga Flavona.  The path continues north around the Croz dei Mandrini and the Crozzon di Spora as far as the Gaiarda Pass, 2242 m., which is overhung by mount Fibion, (1,20 hrs from the Grostè Pass). The scenery here is absolutely fantastic : the view sweeps from the Grostè group to the Cime della Campa and then onto the northern chain of the Brenta. The path goes on in a southwards direction and turns west around mount Fibion and then descends into the green, isolated plain of Malga Spora, 1851 m. 
This is the ideal place to stop, have a picnic and recover one’s strength before facing the exacting final descent. Malga Spora still functions as a summer alpine pasture and along with the nearby Malga Cavedago and the Val dei Cavai, it is one of the few flat grassy glades in the rough landscape of the southern Brenta. From the Spora, the path leads east as far as Malga Cavedago where it turns south and descends for about 20 mins. as far as the fork between path 302, which leads to Cavedago and Spormaggiore, and path 301, which goes around the Dagnola walls, crosses a steep ledge and then passes through the woods down to Maso Pegorar, Andalo.
Total walking time: 4,30 hrs not including pauses. From Andalo the local bus goes to Molveno. 
From the Passo Grostè to Molveno via Passo Gaiarda
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