Molveno Andalo along the stream Lambin - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Molveno Andalo along the stream Lambin

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uphill height difference200 meters (350 in caso di anello per Valbiole)
downhill height difference
200  meters (350 in caso di anello per Valbiole)
time needed2 hours go and back (ore 3,30 in caso di anello per Valbiole)
notescirca a metà strada c'è la possibilità di accorciare il percorso e ritornare a Molveno per la vecchia statale
A cool, shady trail on the left bank of the river Lambin (suitable for cyclists and hikers) that connects Molveno to Andalo. It's an easy hike especially recommended on hot summer days. An option is to hike to Andalo and then take the shuttle bus back to Molveno, (service runs hourly).
You can shorten the hike by taking the bridge at the Genzianella locality, crossing the main road and then taking Via Belvedere that leads to the top part of Molveno village. Or you can lengthen the hike to about 12 km, (350 meters altitude difference with a duration of three and half hours) by crossing the bridge over the Rio Lambin onto  highway 421 and  instead of following the road to Andalo, turning left towards Molveno up to km. 16.5, and then right onto a trail that leads through fields and woods to the Ron plateau (half hour); Here turn left and follow trail no. 2 to Valbiole.
And then left again to the planes of Piof (mountain church) and subsequently to Baito Brugnol (refreshments). Proceed towards Molveno on the Frassinteri trail (poorly indicated) or return to the planes of Piof and turn right to the location of Croce di Molveno (via Belvedere) on the dirt road.
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