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Cornisello Lakes and Vedretta lake, Val Nambrone

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
starting locationRifugio Cornisello
height difference700 meters
time needed4 hr
difficultychallenging the stroke for Vedretta Lake (about 8 Km)
maximum altitude2603
notesexcursion to 239.216, 238 trails.
The Nambrone Valley runs in a  south-north direction: north of the Genova Valley and west of the Rendena Valley. Between Carisolo and Sant’Antonio di Mavignola, on the left near a hairpin bend is the turn-off for the Nambrone Valley through which the River Sarca di Nambrone flows.   The valley is delimited by the Cima Lancia, the Corno di Pedertic and the Doss dell'Om in the south west; the slopes of the Doss del Fo and “La Pala” in the east. The upper part of the valley includes 4 lakes: the two lakes of Cornisello (m2120), the solitary and austere Lake Vedretta, the highest in altitude at m.2600, and  Lake Nero, m.2233. These lakes are enclosed by the rock faces of Cima di Bon, Cima Scarpaco and Cima Denza in the North; Cima Vedretta Nera, Cima D 'Amola and Cima Cornisello in the west, Cima Laghetto in the south.
The Cornisello Refuge ( 2120 m.) is reachable by car, road conditions permitting. A short walk leads to the two beautiful Cornisello lakes.  Lake Vedretta is an 80 minute walk on trail 239. This lake is located in a unique position, surrounded by the majestic Brenta Group, Cima Cornisello and its glacier. The return follows the same trail back to lake Cornisello superior, where, if you want, trail 216 on the right leads south to Lake Nero (in this section there's a trail that runs around the lake). At the junction with trail 238, just before the Bocchette di Om, turn left towards Lake Nero ( not far) and then back to the Cornisello Refuge. For a more challenging hike:  trail 216 crosses the Bocchette di Om and in just over an hour leads to the Amola refuge of Giovanni Segantini with an unforgettably breathtaking view of Cima Amola and Presanella. From Rifugio Segantini trail 211 leads in 45 minutes to the road for the Cornisello Lakes. Here turn left and a 45 minute walk to the Cornisello refuge. This easy hike ( in the shortened version) is one of the most scenic routes of the western Trentino Region.
Pictures of Cornisello Vedretta and Nero Lakes
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