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Molveno Rifugio Croz Altissimo

Molveno > walking trails at Molveno
uphill height difference
600 meters
downhill height difference
600 meters
time needed4 hours, go and back
distanceKm  9,6, go and back (10,2 along path 340b)
On the hairpin bend, on the 421 highway at Molveno, take Via Dolomiti. A short walk gets you to the Madonnina and then the dirt road to Bar Cyclamen (25 minutes). Continue for about 200 meters to the waterfall of "Pontesel". Here turn right up the left bank of the Val delle seghe on a wide dirt road until Pian del Brocon and Baita Orsi.
 Ignore the left fork for the 319 trail at the tabelle locality and continue to the bridge over the Massodi stream. Cross it and the refuge is close by. For the return you can take the 340 trail that leads south-east up to the junction, on the right, with the 340b. This trail descends to Molveno via the “Deft coste”. If, however, you continue on the 340 trail you will reach the  Pradel locality and from here you can descend to Molveno either with the cable way or the road that passes through Piof. From the Croz dell'Altissimo refuge you can reach the  Selvata Refuge (M.1630) in about 45 minutes or Rifugio Pedrotti (m.2491,) in 3 hours. More challenging routes take you to the Tuckett Refuge in 4 hours or two and a half hours to the Malga Spora.
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