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Rifugio Ai 12 Aposoli

Dolomiti di Brenta
locationVedretta di Prato Fiorito
number of beds60
tel., fax
open (indicative       period. For more detailed  information call the refuge)
20 giugno - 20 settembre
The Dodici Apostoli Refuge is the westernmost of the Brenta Group refuges. It stands at 2,489 m. a.s.l. on a rocky outcrop which dominates the Nardis Valley and offers splendid views over the Presanella. It is less central than other refuges and for this reason is less popular. The traditional way up runs from the Nardis Valley, at whose mouth it is possible to take several routes: a) from the north across the luxuriant Agola Valley, b) from the west up from Giustino or Massimeno over the ridges of the Flanginech Valley, c) again from the west climbing up from Pinzolo towards Prà Rodont and the Dos Sabion peak (the ski-lifts are open in season) and d) from the south along the Algone Valley via the Malga Movlina. It is also possible to reach the refuge along more demanding routes through the Sacco Valley (path 341) and through the Vallon valley – the latter however is for the expert and very fit hiker. Near the refuge stands a small chapel carved out of the rock, dedicated to the fallen in the mountains. The refuges nearest to the Dodici Apostoli are the Agostini and Brentei, both of which can be reached along rather difficult itineraries. The Mingotti Way starts from the Bocca d’Ambiez pass and climbs towards the Cima Tosa peak. 
Rifugio ai 12 Apostoli: the access routes
areanumber of pathdiffrence in heighttime between areasdifficulty  notes
Parcheggio Val Brenta, Sant Antonio di Mavignola324, 307m.11693,30EE, difficult  
path along Agola valley
Giustino, Val Rendena
307m.17195,20EE, difficult  along the  Flanghinech valley
Dos Sabion, Pinzolo357, 307m.715 salita2,40EE, difficult  
Per il Passo Bregn de l'ors e il Pian di Nardis
Malga Movlina
341m.8702,45EE, difficult  
along the Sacco Valley
Malga Movlina
354, 307m.7032,50EE, difficult  
Per iil Passo Gotro, Bregn de l'Ors e il Pian di Nardis
the evocative surroundings of Rifugio ai 12 Apostoli
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