Rifugio Tommaso Pedrotti alla Tosa - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Rifugio Tommaso Pedrotti alla Tosa

Dolomiti di Brenta
locationSella del Rifugio
number of beds120
tel., fax
website, e_mailwww.rifugiotosapedrotti.itinfo@rifugiotosapedrotti.it
open (indicative period. For more detailed  information call the refuge)
20 june - 20 september
The Pedrotti Refuge stands on a rocky crag just a few metres from the Bocca di Brenta pass. It is an excellent starting point for all climbs towards the central peaks in the group. All walks in the Brenta Dolomites from south-east to north-west pass through this point. 
Rifugio Tommaso Pedrotti alla Tosa: the access routes
areanumber of traildifference in heighttime neededdifficulty notes 
Parcheggio Via Dolomiti, Molveno319 m.16274,30E, escursionistico
Classic hike through the Seghe valley with the possibility of stopping at the Croz refuge.
Stazione a Monte Cabinovia Molveno
340, 319
4,00E, escursionistico

Molveno, camping326 e 320m.16605,00EE, escursionisti esperti
Trail that ascends the Ceda valley
Molveno, camping332, ssn, 319m.1660
4,30EE, escursionisti esperti
trail that passes by Malga Andalo and the Selvata Refuge
San Lorenzo, Rifugio Alpenrose345, 320m.17507,50EE, escursionisti esperti
trail that ascends the Doré valley, the Rossati and the Ceda Valley
images of the ascent to the refuge Tommaso Pedrotti alla Tosa
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