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Lago di Calaita, Vanoi Plateau

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
starting locationLago di Calaita
difference in height760 meters
time needed4-5 hours full path
difficultymiddle (8 km)
maximum altitude2230 m.
notes358 trails, 347, 347b, unnumbered trail
 Lake Calaita is located at an altitude of  1607 m above sea level in the Upper Valle del Vanoi.The lake is 15 km away from Fiera di Primiero and is easy to reach by car. Just take the road heading to Gobbera Pass which begins right after the long tunnel and connects Primiero to Valle del Vanoi. Lake Calaita is situated in a grassy plain surrounded by thick pine forests .Located on the southern banks of the lake, is the Miralago Refuge. In the west the Lake is bordered by the spurs of Agnelessa and the rock faces of Scanaiol Cima, Cima d' Arzon, Cima Grugola, in the south Cima and Palone di Folga and in the north Cima Tognola and Cima Tegnazza . Several paths connect the villages scattered in the Primiero area to the lake: trails 351 and 377 from Fiera di Primiero and trail 359 from the alta Val Cismon. Trail 350 starts from San Martino di Castrozza and passes through the " Tegnaza forest "

There are numerous possibilities for excursions to Lake Calaita. Those who wish to try their hand along the ridges of Mount Scanaiol may also wish to visit the Giarine Lakes and with a short detour, Lake Pisorno. Just before the lake, near the car park, take the forest road that leads to Malga Grugola, (trail 358), and from here towards Forcella Folga, m.2196 where you can admire Lake Giarine that unfortunately, due to periods of drought, may lose much of its water. The return route to Lake Calaita continues north,  turning right onto trail 347, across grassy slopes along the eastern foothills of Cima Grugola, over a rocky ledge that divides Val Grugola from Val Pisorno and then to Alpe Pisorno. After a short descent, you come to a junction where a marked trail leads to Lake Pisorno,( 2227 m), up the slopes of Cima d'Arzon. From lake Pisorno ( only for the more expert hikers: follow the trail  that crosses the slopes of Cima Scanaiol and up along the ridge that  leads to Scanaiol Fork and from there, right (east) onto trail 377 to the homonymous Malga. Further along is  the junction 377 - 350 from San Martino di Castrozza. For the less experienced: follow trail 350 to the right, south, a 30 minute hike brings to lake Calaita.
Pictures of the route from Lake Calaita-Lake Pisorno
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