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the pleausure of walking

The opportunity to make a different excursion every day in a month is one of the main attractions of this tourist resort, apart from the breathtaking scenery one enjoys from here. In front of the Brenta Dolomites, east of the lake, the picture is completed by the Paganella-Gazza massif, with its green slopes covered  with fir-trees and larches. The whole Municipality of Molveno, on the side of the Brenta Group, belongs to the Adamello-Brenta National Park: a wide stretch of land, offering shelter to many animal species: roe deer, deer, chamois, marmots, wood grouses, eagles, bearded vultures, brown bears.      
In less than five minutes one can be out of the village and be surrounded by the green of the many woods and meadows, or walk along creeks and stop at one of the many comfortable alpine huts. 
il piacere di immergersi nelle bellezze della natura
qua e là nei dintorni di Molveno
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