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Lago Nambino Serodoli and 5 laghi

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
Starting location
Mountain station Cableway 5 Lakes
Height difference
460 meters
time needed3,45 - 4,15 hours
difficultyaverage commitment path
Maximum altitude
2400 m. 
notesRing route clockwise
Madonna di Campiglio and Campo Carlo Magno are the ideal starting point for numerous walks in the Brenta Group and Adamello-Presanella Massif. If an exciting excursion in the Dolomites consists in a visit to the Vallesinella waterfalls and a climb to the nearby peaks of the Dolomites, then, in the Adamello - Presanella massif the “must do and must see “ thing here is the 5 lake tour .
 The starting point for this hike is Malga Nambino which is accessible by car, ( taking a forest road which starts from the main road linking Madonna di Campiglio to Campo Carlo Magno). The hike goes in a counterclockwise direction. First on trail 217 to Nambino Lake (m.1768, not far from the parking lot), then trail 217 or 266  to Lake Serodoli and Lake Gelato m.2376 (the two trails are more or less the same). From here onto trail 232 that first leads to Lake Lambin, m.2329, and then south along the slopes of Mount Nambrone to Lake Ritorto, m.2053. The same trail leads down to Madonna di Campiglio to the intersection of the forest road and  bike path near Patascoss. Here, turn left, northwest, and continue to Capanna Nambino and then turn left again to  the parking lot .. The route is quite long, 5-6 hours ,with a difference in altitude of about 650 meters. If you want to shorten the hike take trail 269 ( near Lake Lambin) directly to Lake Nambino ( missing out on Lake Ritorto). The scenarios that characterize this hike are absolutely outstanding : the Brenta stands high on the horizon and all the lakes are inserted in beautiful natural settings which vary according to the altitude.
For those who want to avoid strenuous climbs, it should be noted that in the tourist season the 5 laghi mountain lifts  bring you comfortably  to Lake Ritorto.
If you should decide to do this hike in a clockwise direction: take the 5 laghi lift to the top and proceed the above hike backwards ( from 4 to 4 ½ hrs).
Pictures of the magnificent 5 Lakes path
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