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Madnrone Lake, Val di Genova

Trentino > Lakes of Trentino
Starting location
Malga Bedole
Height difference
910 m.
time needed
five hours, round-trip
difficultymedium engagement, steep
Maximum altitude
2449 m.
notesalong forest road, path 241,  212 and 236
The Val di Genova is one of the most famous valleys of the Trentino region: it stretches for over 15 kilometers in a  west-east direction to the heart of the Adamello Group. The impetuous river Sarca di Genova flows through it and numerous waterfalls make the scenario really quite unique: the Nardis waterfalls and the Lares,waterfalls to name a few. High peaks surround the valley on three sides: from the  Crozzon del Diavolo to the Crozzon del Lares and Crozzon di Folgorida. Lobbia Alta and Mount Mandron, Corno di Bedole, Punta Pisgana, Cima Payer in the West.
In the North, starting from the East: Cima Lancia, Dalgun Cima, Cima Tamale, Cimon di Gere, Cimon delle Rocchette, August Nardis, Mount Botteri, Mount Gabbiolo , Mount Cercen, Cima Busazza and Cima Presena. Lake Mandrone is located at an altitude of 2409 near the homonymous refuge: from here, facing south west, the hanging glaciers and the Mandrone Lobbie can be admired in all their beauty. Nearby is Lake Scuro accessible via trail 209 from the Studi Payer Centre.
The Val Genova is reachable from  Carisolo, Val Rendena by car to the parking area in Todesca (in the tourist season there is a shuttle service to Malga Bedole). A 15 minute walk to the  Bedole Refuge and from here onto trail 212. After 90 hairpin bends and a 2 ½ hour walk you reach the magnificent Mandron Refuge, City of Trento, m.2449. The lake is just a few minutes away on trail 236 that leads to the Lobbia Alta Refuge, dedicated to those who died during the great war on the Adamello. The whole hike is rich with breathtakingly beautiful landscape and vestiges of the epic events of the great war.
Images of the Val di Genova and Mandrone Lake
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