Car ride of Valsugana and Mocheni, Trentino - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Car ride of Valsugana and Mocheni, Trentino

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From Molveno to Trento and then to Borgo Valsugana along the Valsugana main road (with, if desired, a break at Lake Caldonazzo or, with a small detour, at Lake Levico). At Borgo Valsugana turn left towards the Calamento Valley and Manghen Pass (Lagorai chain of mountains) and carry on towards Molina di Fiemme; from here take the road for Sover (after a flying visit to the Valfloriana valley) and then Brusago, Bedollo and Regnana. Here you turn east towards the Redebus Pass which connects the Cembra Valley to the Mocheni Valley. Carry on towards Palù del Fersina, Fierozzo and Sant’Orsola Terme and down the Mocheni Valley to Pergine and then Trento and finally Molveno (about 230 km). Part of the itinerary is on steep, narrow and winding roads.
tabella località giro in auto Molveno Valsugana e Val dei Mocheni
pictures of Valsugana and Val dei Mocheni
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