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Rifugio Alimonta

Dolomiti di Brenta
locationVedretta degli Armi
number of beds94
tel., fax
open  (indicative period. For more detailed  information call the refuge)
20 june - 20 september
The Alimonta Refuge lies in the heart of the Brenta, in a central position for the Via delle Bocchette route and a short distance from the Bocca d’Armi pass. The nearest other refuge is the Brentei.
Rifugio Alimonta: the access routes
areamumber of pathdiffrence in heighttime between areasdifficulty   notes 
Parcheggio Val Brenta, Sant Antonio di Mavignola323m.15775,00E, easy
less commonly used access route than others because of the great difference in height between the start and the finish. The central stretch of the Brenta Valley displays all the typical characteristics of valleys penetrating the Brenta Group
Madonna di Campiglio, parcheggio Vallesinella
317, 318, 323m.10674,10E, easyalong Vallesinella and Brenta valleys
Upper station of the gondola lift Grostè
316, 328, 318, 323m.5704,00E, easy
beautiful route that passes through the refuge Tuckett and Brentei
the scenic surroundings of the refuge Alimonta
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