Car ride from Molveno to San Lorenzo in Banale - Lago Park Hotel Ristorante Molveno

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Car ride from Molveno to San Lorenzo in Banale

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 From Molveno to Nembia along main road no. 421: opposite the Nembia restaurant turn left. After a few metres turn right onto the road to the Deggia Sanctuary. Carry on along a steep and narrow road as far as the old village of Moline. From here an asphalt road goes to the Promeghin district of San Lorenzo in Banale. It is worth taking a break in the old town and a visit to the nearby villages of Dollaso and Senaso, with a quick stop in the Ambiez Valley (Ristoro Dolomiti bar), is also of interest. Another excursion is to the La Ri area with the Alpenrose Refuge and the Bar Erica (take the fork 29.6 km along the main road no. 421). Total kilometres: about 26.

tabella località e chilometri progressivi  giro Molveno Moline San Lorenzo
From Molveno to The Moline: the ancient road between Garda and Meran
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