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The Dolomites in one's heart

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The Dolomites in your heart……… the heart of the Dolomites
The owners of the Lago Park Hotel, along with 16 other hotel owners in the Trentino Region, have created the                                                                      DOLOMITES WALKING HOTELfor mountain lovers like themselves.
This is a club of hotels which intends to encourage and promote love for the mountain and passion for excursions.
The philosophy which lies at the basis of this enterprise is to approach and discover the beauty of  the dolomites in full respect of its flora and fauna and to increase the value of the holiday by living, breathing and integrating with the mountain and its people.
In other words, booking a weekly stay in one of the Dolomites Walking Hotels means:
  • To take part in three excursions at advantageous conditions, which can vary according to the zone and the season. These excursions differ in difficulty and are all programmed in the surrounding mountains in the company of qualified guidesIf you book a 7 day stay at the Lago Park Hotel with the formula “In the heart of the Dolomites*”, you can partecipate in the 3 excursions free of charge ( the formula does not include transfer fees: bus, taxi, lifts or overnight stay in refuges) .
  • Organization of all transfers necessary for there and back .
  • Certainty of coming into contact with mountain lovers who wish to share  their passion with you and perhaps organize other excursions with them. 
  • To find competent and helpful staff willing to advise and suggest in the programming of excursions and trips in the Trentino Region. 
  • To benefit from a detailed presentation of the various excursions organized on the territory with up to date weather conditions and practicability of the various paths and routes.
  • To find a great range of books and maps on excursions, climbs, nature, geography and such. 
  • To enjoy good, genuine food and menus rich in local mountain dishes.
  • To be guests in a hotel that does its part to defend the envoirenment and fight pollution and the waste of natural resourses.                            
*The formula “In the heart of the Dolomites” is applicable only to stays of at least 7 days and the booking must be made with a week in advance. Those who do not wish to take part in the excursions must, however pay their share of the transfer costs as specified for each excursion. 

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